The Dark Place

Shameless X-Files Smut Fic

Written and compiled by Sheela-na-Gig


It's happened to you. You know it has. You write fic - respectable fic. Fic you'd let your mom read. You post it for the world to see. Maybe you have a website where you keep it all. Your name is plastered all over it. You're proud of it.


But you have a secret. You have some fic on your hard drive that you won't even put your name on. Once in a while you just have to write it. You can't help it. Maybe it doesn't have much of a plot. Maybe the plot isn't the point.


The point is that it's just smut. Maybe it's slash. Maybe it's straight, but with a kink or two. Maybe it's just Mulder and Scully doing one hell of a naked pretzel. Whatever it is, you wouldn't want your friends to know you're the one who's responsible for it.


I know how you feel. That's why I've put up this site. This is where I'll bring my nastiest little tales, and it's where you can bring yours, too. No need to use your real name - believe me, I'm not using mine!



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~ ~ Sheela's Fic ~ ~

Fugitive (Mulder/Scully/Other)

Mulder and Scully and a handcuffed female suspect in a motel room. You can figure out what's going to happen, right?


In Silence (Mulder/Scully)

Mulder knocks on Scully's door late one night.



~ ~ Fic by Other Authors ~ ~




Secret Fantasies I & II (Mulder/Scully/Other)(Mulder/Scully)

Mulder and Scully make each others' naughtiest secret sexual fantasies come true.



Fantome Maitresse

Walking the Dark Path, Book I (Mulder/Scully)

Walking the Dark Path, Book II (Mulder/Scully)

Mulder and Scully explore a 'darker side' of their sexual relationship... mild BD/SM.




In Media (Mulder/Scully/Skinner)

Dedicated to "all you closet threesome fans" for good reason.



Mistral Jade

Just the Beginning (Skinner/Other)

Skinner's presence is powerful indeed.




Against the Wall (Mulder/Scully)

While out of town at a partnership seminar, the agents are asked to take a look at some strange rooms found in an old warehouse -- with surprising results.



Denise Morgen

Conceded (Mulder/Scully)

Mulder, Scully, one motel room, one bed. Need I say more?


Wrong Verse (Mulder/Scully)

Mulder makes the right move for the wrong reasons.




The Sound of his Footsteps (WIP) (Mulder/....?)

Mulder knew how easy it would be for him to let a little sex game get out of control. If only she had listened to him and not begged him to play along.




The Cliche Series: Airplane (Mulder/Scully)

Mulder and Scully join the mile-high club.


Devil in a Blue Dress (Scully/Krycek, Mulder/Scully)

Krycek poses an interesting question to Scully - one that he and Mulder subsequently answer.


Want and Need (Mulder/Scully)

"Why haven't we been f***ing, Scully?" Why, indeed...



Jennifer Stoy

Bloodlust (Mulder/Scully)

Blood, masochism, mind games, and sex. The disturbing sort.




Snow Job (Mulder/Scully)

Mulder and Scully try to find entertainment after a failed case.


A Christmas Turkey (Mulder/Scully)

This is really a follow up to the story "Snow Job" and is almost a `what happened next` in a domestic setting.



This site was created and built by Sheela-na-Gig and is being preserved in its original format. A lot of these stories are really old so be aware the email addresses listed on them may not work. If any author finds a fic here that they don't want to have included on the site, email and let me know. Also if a story is part of a series, only the part with dark smut in it is housed here. Be sure to check out the headers before you start reading if you don't like to be left confused or hanging.